Local Management for Protected Area Conservation

Local Management for the Conservation of Protected Areas: A course organized by the Austral Patagonia Program of Universidad Austral de Chile and the Protected Areas’ Gateway Communities Strategy (ECP) in the Chilean Patagonia. Its goal is to contribute to local management strengthening related to the conservation of protected areas and the implementation of the ECP 

The course shares knowledge and experience that inform the environmental management and governance of the Chilean Patagonia, with an emphasis on biodiversity protection, protected areas, and human wellbeing.


  • Delve deeper into the ECP for protected areas (PAs) in the Chilean Patagonia as an effective option to PA connection and protection.
  • Provide each participant with the main theoretical elements about biodiversity and PAs, planning, and territorial development under the ECP.
  • Provide context on the regulatory frameworks and tools related to territorial management and PAs, including participatory community approaches and local environmental management.
  • Share methodological tools for the planning and development of participatory and inclusive projects looking into the connection and protection of PAs in the Chilean Patagonia.
  • Apply the knowledge acquired in a specific case study for learning.

This course has been designed for municipal officers or civil servants in the Chilean Patagonia who work in connection with the ECP in environmental or travel-related areas.

The ECP is an interregional partnership signed by 26 municipalities and the Regional Governments of Magallanes, Aysén, and Los Lagos. Its goal is to strengthen the connection between gateway communities and the PAs of the Chilean Patagonia in order to improve management and introduce conservation into social-territorial development.

Este curso ha sido diseñado para funcionarios municipales o de instituciones de la Patagonia chilena, que trabajen vinculados a la Estrategia de Comunidades Portal, vinculados a temáticas de medio ambiente o turismo.

La Estrategia de Comunidades Portal (ECP) es una alianza suprarregional entre 26 municipios y los gobiernos regionales de Magallanes, Aysén y Los Lagos, a través de la cual se busca fortalecer el vínculo entre las comunidades portal y las áreas protegidas de la Patagonia chilena, con el objetivo de mejorar los estándares de manejo de las áreas protegidas, integrando la conservación al desarrollo socio territorial.