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47.7% of Patagonia’s surface area is under protection: National Parks, National Reserves, Natural Monuments, Nature Sanctuaries, Protected Public Property, among others, add up to 83 protected areas throughout the Los Lagos, Aysén, and Magallanes regions. These sites are an ideal framework for the preservation of unique ecosystems and biodiversity and can contribute to the development and wellbeing of local communities. Many of these areas, however, lack effective and inclusive management to guarantee conservation actions. Additionally, vast critical ecosystems –due to their environmental and/or social features– are still under no protection figure; their destruction would not only mean the loss of biodiversity and environmental services, but the end of traditional lifestyles. 

From the Austral Patagonia Program, we develop technical and scientific data to inform policymaking associated with the protection and conservation of natural and cultural sites in Patagonia. We seek to contribute to the design and implementation of effective actions to improve the management and/or promote the creation of marine and terrestrial protected areas, hand in hand with local communities.

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